Saturday, February 20, 2010

Serious Challenge From Winter Park

It looks like we have a SERIOUS contender for the title in this first venture into Olympic Synchronized Sleeping. From Winter Park Kennels (in Virginia, no less!) Bruin and Ava asleep in perfect synchronization.

No points will be deducted for the chair being in the way...

We may have a winner, but the judges are still in conference. The question has arisen...."Isn't it cheating to use too-cute puppies?"


  1.'s a record breaking...TIE...perfect form on all four!!!!!

  2. You'll be interested to know that that cute little puppy's daddy won best of breed at Westminster a couple of years back!

  3. there's a whole lotta sleepin' goin' on... that's one cute pup there.

  4. The problem is the puppy is just too cute. It may get extra points for the cuteness factor...