Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Between Shows

I spent the past weekend at the East Lansing Art Fair. ELAF has quite possibly the best musical entertainment of any art fair in the country. It's one of the reasons I enjoy the show so much. Above is a picture of the front of my booth. But here's a picture from the back of my booth...

Yup. I always request a space in front of the main stage. And the group pictured is one of my favorite groups, "Steppin' In It" (with Rachael Davis). This weekend was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing the "Ragbirds" live. An incredibly versatile band -- perhaps the most versatile I've seen since "The Duhks". And yet another great musical act, May Erlewine, whose wonderful voice and strong songwriting was one of the highlights of my whole weekend.

I got home and got straight to work on some porcelain teapots. Today's hot Indiana sun helped me out with my decorating. With the sun's help, I was able to slip decorate these teapot bodies...

...and a short hour later, they were dry enough for me to put their covers back on and finish decorating those lids.

I've got 16 teapots in the works. They're all decorated and lidded. Tomorrow: Handles & Spouts! Then it's off to Lafayette Indiana's "Round the Fountain Art Fair" on Saturday. Round the Fountain is, I think, Indiana's finest art fair and always a pleasure to do. Maybe I'll see some of you there.

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