Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nowheresville, Man

Take a look at the map (above) that I screen-captured from Google maps. Notice anything funny about it? See anything missing? Think about it for a minute. I'll wait.


Still waiting.

Notice yet?

Yeah, I know. What in the heck did Louisville ever do to the Google people to warrant being made anonymous on their map?

Don't think it's weird? Try googling any other major city in the USA (Remember, Louisville isn't a small town. Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky). Try google-mapping Indianapolis, Albany, St Paul, Sacramento, Tampa....any other major city in the USA.


Every other major city comes up with its name squarely and prominently on the google map.

So, what's with Google and Louisville? There must be some HUGE and scandalous story with National implications behind this slight. There must be.

Or else it's a simple oversight.

One or the other.

I'm hoping that it's a huge scandal, and my observation just made me the reporter who scooped THE ENTIRE WORLD OF MASS MEDIA.



  1. pretty amazing john, i think you scooped the entire world of mass media. as a former northerner or in the southern vernacular... yankee, i'd say the root of the scandal probably centers around the lack of consensus about how to pronounce and therefore spell louisville/louieville/louavul/etc. it's pretty amazing though, even new albany (across the river from louvull) has its name on it.

  2. Not only is Louisville just an imaginary city...

    Jim Gottuso and Jeff Camapana are made-up people too. Figments of some Walt Disney-esque imagination.