Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I enjoy it when I have time to make my way through my google reader to some of my favorite blogs. One I read fairly often is Tony Clennell's. I found this post of particular interest -- obviously because of the gourd/pumpkin connection, and my seeming preoccupation with the way glazes mimic natural surfaces. But also because his thoughtful tie-in to caring about how a thing is made matters deeply to me.

That's the subject for one of my longer, windier posts. But right now I've got to get these gourds into the kiln tonight. I made the ones above on Friday last. I also made more of the knobs (below) for the casseroles I'll be bringing with me to Louisville for the
St James Court Art Show this weekend. I'll be right on the fountain, just as I have been for the past 20+ years.

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  1. Oh so nice to see your gourds and pumpkins with fall in the air.