Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's A Goldmine

I've been hitting the pottery posts pretty hard lately. Time for a musical interlude, says me.

I noticed this morning that the Goldmine Pickers just uploaded some new youtubes overnight. You'll be among the first to see 'em right here. The Goldmine Pickers have changed personnel a bit over the years, but at their core are some guys I've had the privilege of having met through the Goshen music scene (of which I'm a small part). I've also had the joy of sitting in and playing with a few of them -- Lukas, Sean, and Adam. I mentioned Lukas and Adam in this post from two years ago.

An additional connection -- Lukas and I both have guitars built by our mutual friend, Jim Shenk. The two dreadnoughts are serially numbered very close to each other -- the tops are almost identical.

Anyway, the Goldmine Pickers spin a kinda new take on old-timey music. Most of the guys in the band play several instruments and their ability to mix it up in that way only makes their shows more entertaining.

To wind the post down a bit, here's an old fiddle tune called "The Spotted Pony" played on my Jim Shenk guitar while sitting out in the pottery shop this morning.


  1. OMG - love the Goldmine Pickers! I'm a sucker for a frailing banjo and a good fiddle player. Your guitar sounds wonderful too! Thanks for posting!

  2. thanks for posting the video of you playing the spotted pony. nice strum/pick combo in there... your technical dexterity is certainly not limited to making those groovy lines on your pots