Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kilns, Schmilns

Tired of kiln & klay konversation? Fed up with wheel wonk wordiness? Tired of blowhardy Bauman blogs that totally go on and on and on for, like, EVER, and couldn't find a cogent theme if it was a hot pink pot in a kilnload of tenmoku?

I mean, I love John Bauman in that way that only a dog could love John Bauman, but face it -- the guy does go on and on. BOR ing.

And, unlike I and the most splendid Ariel who can go outside for a breath of escape and stuff, you are completely stuck at your computer monitors, hopelessly trapped in your human politeness from simply walking away from the most boringestness of a John Bauman blog. Yawn.

So biff that blog jazz.

It's been a while since I, Breeze, have pilfered the hapless John Bauman's computer (he, like, totally changed the password. It took me nearly....let's see......five seconds to guess the new one. Heh) and updated folks on the activities of the Bauman Malamutes. I think you could TOTALLY use the break. Besides, whereas the pottery is in production mode, I and the lovely Ariel are in the actually-doing-stuff mode.

For instance: This weekend I, Breeze, have graduated on to the world of "excellent" agility. Agility is, like, obstacle courses for dogs in which we dogs drag our yelling people around and over and through jumps and tunnels and ramps and stuff.

"Excellent" agility is like college-level agility. "Novice" agility is like primary-level school, "Open" agility is like high school. But "Excellent" comprises the most difficultest of courses, completed in the shortest of times. And that's what I'm doing. Tackling the most difficultest courses. And bringing home blue ribbons. Heh.

Friday and Saturday's trials I brought home two blue ribbons. That means I dragged the most loving and sagacious Dar over, through, around, and under the obstacles (screaming all the way) faster than any other dog in my division did the same to their screaming handlers. Heh again.

Here is one of my Saturday runs. Note the flying tail through the weave poles. Flashy, huh?

As long as I'm sparing you from still another John Bauman blog, let me leave you with yet one more delight...

...A scratch'n'sniff picture of bacon


  1. Breeze, thanks for the bacon.Blondie refuses to share hers with me.Congratulations on the win. I particularly like how you hit the table at speed but manage not to slide off the other side.

  2. I think he knew it was his mom's birthday! Thanks for posting that! It's fun to see Dar's hard work paying off! Congrats Dar and Breeze!