Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Dandelions are dangerous
Dandelions don’t need gardeners
Dandelions are artists
They ignore all the boundaries in the yard
Flower beds? They’re in them and they’re out of them
Wreaking their insomniac havoc all about.

The crafted and groomed watch jealously
From their straight rows and their well planned lives.
And they can see who is having the fun
Painting dada smiley faces on daVinci lawns

The other flowers are not stupid
Just stationary
And, sheltered as they are
They know who’s been around.
Growing zones?
Don’t make me laugh

The other flowers are not stupid
They just have the plastic left on their couches
They have their “Do Not Touch” signs
Displayed in their careful elegance

Meanwhile the children make chains with yellowed fingers
Meanwhile the children test to see if they like butter
And the crafted and groomed look on
And wish they’d come up with that simple idea first.

Dandelions are artists.
With their outrageous style
And a bright yellow Tina Turner hair-do
With outrageous opulence that doesn’t spare a Springtime acre
Subtlety be damned.

Dandelions are dangerous
Dandelions have no need for gardeners
Dandelions are artists.


  1. Thanks for sharing this again! I loved it so much I have it bookmarked and listed it as one of my favorites in the links on my blog. Great stuff John!

  2. not to mention the dandelion greens holding up those bright yellow heads, which are edible and good for you too.

  3. You're welcome, Carter. It's Spring again!

    Dan, when I get to your place, make mine a Woodchuck's. Dandelion wine never sounded too good to me. By the way, sounds like Linda's fixing the greens (hope she puts ham in 'em).