Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another Review

Fast on the heels of the last review -- I logged onto my Etsy site tonight to the following review:

"I have been collecting functional pottery for thirty years and I have never been as enamored with any piece as much as I am with this one. It is stunning. 

Everything about it is exquisite and perfect; the shape, the fit of the lid, the rich autumn colors of the glaze, the beautifully turned acorns and lifelike leaf impressions. Just gorgeous! I can't believe you "threw" the acorns on the wheel! 

Thanks too for the surprise treats. My mother is an "acorn nut," too, so I plan to give her the pin. I designed a tile entry way for her home that is leaves and acorns because she loves them so much. I am thrilled to be able to pass along a little of your creativity. 

I will be keeping an eye on your site. I'm already loving other items :) Thanks for creating and producing such fine work. What a gem this is!!!"