Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's Only A Paper Wasp

Say it's only a paper wasp
Hanging under my house's eaves
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believe in me

 Today is National Knock-Down Wasp Nests Day.  It's the last morning that temperatures will remain in the 30s (that's Fahrenheit for you metric folk).  At 30 degrees the wasps pose no threat.  Still, it's not a good idea to scratch them behind the ears.  They hate that.

 This morning's crack of dawn I was out with my 20' tree pruner, standing on a step ladder (my house's eaves are at least 25' off the ground).  It wasn't as dangerous as it looked.  No, really.



  1. they are very busy here as well. In the winter it is mice, mice in the house, in the studio, in the truck. In summer it is flying things. Never ending fun!

    1. Seems every late winter/early spring I burn off mouse nests in my kiln.

      P. U.

  2. You are a brave soul indeed! I used some kind of long distance spray at sunset...waited a day or so before removing the nest. Hate chemicals, but I never heard the 30 degrees thing! Now I don't live on my own, so will rely upon landlord.

    1. LOVE the long distance spray! Makes me feel like a gunslinger of the ol' wild west.

      Move out, wasps. This town ain't big enough fer th'both of us.