Friday, June 5, 2009

Kung Fu Redux

Master Po: "close your eyes. what do you hear?"

Young Caine: "I hear the water, I hear the birds"

Master Po: "listen for the color of the sky. look for the sound of the hummingbird's wing. search the air for the perfume of ice on a hot day. if you have found these things, you will know. do you hear your own heartbeat?"

Young Caine: "no"

Master Po: "do you hear the grasshopper at your feet?"

Young Caine: "old man, how is it that you hear these things?"

Master Po: "young man, how is it that you do not?"

Young Caine: "Um, because they're like totally quiet and stuff?"

Master Po: "The grasshopper will be heard if you will but listen, young one."

Young Caine: "Would this involve turning off my iPod? "

Master Po: "If you don't you will never open yourself up to the pure light of being. "

Young Caine: "Being what, old man?"

Master Po: "Being at one with the universe. Being free from the bonds of matter and free to the surrounding energy."

Young Caine: "Could I be, like, invisible too? I think that would be TOTALLY cool."

Master Po: "No, but I can teach you to beat the shitake out of cowboys."

Young Caine: "awesome!

...What's a cowboy?"


  1. it's hopeless grasshopper... you're never gonna stop texting or turn of the ipod

  2. "... you're never gonna stop texting "

    I M 2

    R nt

    M 2!

  3. this whole page is lovely. i am not a cat lover, but i like the pot.