Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Favorite Clay Quote

"Personally, I'd like to know a guy's pottery creds before I'll befriend 'im. If he don't know clay, he don't know nothin'. I'm sorry, but that's just the way life is. I don't make these rules. I just enforce them. Okay, I don't enforce them, but I believe in them. A little. Okay, really I don't even believe in them but I hope others might. I know they don't, but I hope they might because, after all, how much better wouldn't the world be if everyone understood clay a little better?

When you tuck your children in tonight, tell them a little clay story, won't you? If you don't, the whole clay story may be entirely lost to future generations. That would be tragic." --Beau Nash

In keeping with my promise to upload at least a pot a day to my Etsy site, here are three of my recent offerings:


And, coming tomorrow...


  1. i love the quote, eXspecially the double negative toward the end... would like to meet the author. pots are beautiful, love the glaze on the lidded jar.

  2. Yeah, that Beau Nash is, like, a total genius and stuff.

    Thanks for the compliment. That's my slip/glaze combo that didn't work earlier this year. I'll have it all working great just about exactly when I get down to the bottom of my 32 gallon bucket of the stuff!

  3. THAT's the teapot i've been looking for!!!

  4. It's winging its way to you even as I type this reply!