Thursday, August 6, 2009

Old Time TV Pottery Hour

I have compiled a short list (I'm still working on it) of my favorite old-time television shows or characters.

  • Potter Gunn -- private eye. TV Noir. String ties and pensive grimaces. Works as a potter -- wishes to be thought an artist.
  • Potterdin, Have Wheel Will Travel.
  • Welcome Back Potter -- starring that young yet-to-be-famous John Travolta as the young wheel man, and comic relief Horshack as the handle-puller.
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show -- Remember? ..Rob Pottery wrote for the Alan Brady Show? Cute wife played by Mary Tiler Moore?
  • 77 Ceramic Strip -- Kooky, Kooky, lend me your's can texture this pot.
There's just nothing like a walk down memory lane.


  1. that's a hilarious pic of you and your dog on the old time telly

  2. Can't you just hear the theme music to Lassie Come Home?

  3. And there was Happy Glaze, Queen for a Glaze and one I heard of but never watched, Glaze of our Lives.

    John, does your day have more than 24 hours??

    Just wondering, Stephen (of Denise and Stephen)

  4. My days only have 24 hours. I just don't sleep in any of them.