Saturday, September 5, 2009

Breeze Speaks Out


I am, like, SO TOTALLY in!

Finally a chance to show that I'm no empty sock puppet with that wack-job John Bauman with his hand up my, you know, keypad.

John Bauman is, like, a TOTAL wack job . But he's not mean or grumpy. Mostly anyway.

He dances. And, like, TOTALLY not well. It is COMPLETELY embarrassing for I and Ariel (my sister). Some day someone is going to catch him dancing and, like, I will be mortified. And then I will get over it.

Chicken is like my most favorite thing EVER. Did I say "EVER" ? ... yes I did. And that is because it is EVER. Chicken is one of many things that are made out of meat. But for now, Dar is fixing a most excellent dinner and it involves searing BEEF ! And searing BEEF means that I will get a pan scraped over my food . . . and edges of the actual BEEF. I can almost feel a belch coming on . . . and I haven't even eaten yet .

Of all the meats, BEEF is king. Chicken is queen. Venison is either a Jack, or it is another king, as is PORK . . . the bacon of which is like, even better than a king and stuff

Maybe I will post a review of my dinner tomorrow. Or maybe I will just lay in the yard and watch the whistle pig that moved in next door. It's a good way to pass a lazy day.

But this talk of meat and stuff, great as it is, is not what I sussed John Bauman's password and logged onto this blog for. No, I logged on to brag and stuff.

I and Dar just had a totally awesome day at an agility trial. Agility is, like, obstacle courses for dogs in which we drag people around and over and through and stuff.

I zoomed. Like, a total blur that defied camera shutter speed. And I scored a 200. Ask me what a perfect score is. Go ahead, ask me ... Okay , I will tell you. It's 200. Which is, coincidentally, exactly what I scored and stuff.

But wait! There's more! ( man, I need a gig as a infomercial dog. I could, like TOTALLY sell dog food to cats and stuff )...

Ask me what H.I.T. stands for. Go ahead, ask me. Okay, I'll tell you. It stands for High In Trial. Which means that out of all the dogs at the trial, I scored, like, totally fastest and best.

Yeah. Heh. I rocked.

Just some other "bullet points" I'd like to make as long as I have totally pilfered John Bauman's blog and stuff...

  • I only subscribe to " BARK " Magazine. It has, like, totally righteous scratch'n'sniff dog food ads.
  • I and John Bauman drink the same beer. John Bauman, however, does not know this.


  1. Congrats to Dar and Breeze! I look forward to Breeze's next blog....

  2. ...WAY COOL...and TOTALLY ADORABLE...SMOOCH to you, Breeze!

  3. I'm a kitty person, but I do love your Breeze. She is fuzzy love and air all wrapped up in a doggie!

    Good doggie!!