Friday, September 25, 2009

New Porcelain

All the red glazed work I'll be bringing to Louisville will be over porcelain for the first time. I'm liking the results. It lowers the firing temperature by at least a cone and the surfaces are wonderful to the touch.

Here are the results from this morning's kiln opening:

Is it hot in here?


  1. Love the pitcher without decoration. Happy to see more pumpkins going into the kiln. Will some of them find their way onto Etsy?

  2. I'm torn. I'm thinking about leaving some jack o'lanterns behind (not taking them to Louisville) so that I can upload them to Etsy when I get home.

    Louisville is SUCH a good show that I'm not sure how much I'll have left when I get home.

  3. John, thanks for the update. I'll keep checking Etsy.

    Your work is just lovely. I'll try to be patient. One day your pieces will find their way to my home.