Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gates, Sidewalks, and Doors

I wonder sometimes how close we really are to knowing stuff. Really knowing stuff. I mean, when we look behind us, we amaze ourselves with the knowledge we've amassed -- and maybe even moreso the apparent explosion of knowledge in the past fifty years.

I sometimes get the impression that we think that we've been on the sidewalk leading up to the front door that will open to the "everything house" -- and we think we're really almost all the way up to that door. But I kinda wonder if there isn't quite a bit more sidewalk before we reach that door. In fact, maybe -- shockingly -- we're not even that far up the sidewalk after all. Maybe we're still relatively close to the front gate.

I think about these things and then I mostly just go grab a bone I've been working on, take it under the big spruce tree in the back yard and gnaw on it a while. Sometimes a gate is just a gate, a sidewalk is just a sidewalk, a door is just a door, and life's pretty good anyway.

--Breeze Bauman

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