Monday, January 25, 2010

AKC CH SnoShire's Winsome Wind

We just got in at one-ayem-in-the-morning. We took the weekend off from the pottery making and selling to go up to Novi, Michigan and enter Breeze into the AKC conformation dog shows that took place this past weekend. I'm tired, but at least I didn't have to drive all the way...

It's a funny phenomenon: Ariel and Breeze are our third pair of malamutes. All six of them have pretty much gone with us wherever we go. And every time we step out of the truck, the dogs have always hopped up into the seats. And every time (with the current photo proving the exception) the male of each pair has always gotten into the driver's seat, and the female has always taken the passenger seat.

So, at first blush yer kinder inclined to think that the male is "taking charge" -- getting in the driver's seat. The human-thinking-based assumption being that whoever is literally "in the driver's seat" is the dog in charge.

Funny thing, though. It's actually the opposite. What's really happening is that the females have always been the ones in charge. The males defer to the females, and the females alway choose the seat that doesn't have that obnoxious wheel-thingy sticking part way into their comfort zone. Then, once the female has picked the choicer of the two seats, the male dogs hop up in what's left over -- the driver's seat.

Anyway, it was a great weekend. On Sunday, Breeze took his second major and won his breed championship!

The dog show was a big event. In addition to the conformation trials, they had obedience trials, flyball, and both herding and a weight pull demonstration that was hosted by the Malamute club that Dar and I belong to. Though Breeze has been in harness quite a bit -- skiing with me -- he's had very little experience with pulling dead weight. I mean.....he's had very little experience with pulling deader weight than me in a pair of skis. Here's a video of Breeze participating in the weight pull demonstration.

It was great fun!


  1. congrats to you and breeze... sofia loved the video, had to play it over and over. great dog!

  2. Way to go Breezy! You guys are so lucky to have such wonderful Mals. I really enjoyed hanging out with you both at the shows! I can't thank you enough for taking the video, John. I'm super excited to see it!

  3. hey john, you're all over CM lately... got time to read this issue and saw your letter to the editor. couldn't have said it better if i had had to. great letter, concise and hit the nail on the head. if i took the luxury of only selling my best pot, i still would be waiting to make it.

  4. Thanks, Amanda. I got video of you and Kina. I'm going to copy it to a DVD and send it off to you in the next few days. You looked really good out there with beautiful Kina. Thanks for all your help with Breeze. We couldn't have finished him without your help.

    Hi Jim,

    I'm glad you liked the letter to the editor. I'm thinking about emailing Conner to see if I could post his "Comment" to my blog so I could share my reply with the readers here. I fear that without the Burns piece, a reply here wouldn't make much sense.

    Anyway, thanks. It sounds like you caught the intent of my letter. That's reassuring.


  5. Love the video! I love when a dog shows their personality-"I will pull when I want to"!
    Thanks for informing people a little about how dogs think too. My dachshunds are the same way. My Sassy rules the roost over the boys here and she is half their size!

  6. Thanks, annie!

    You and your dachshunds ought to meet Amanda (just a few comments up from yours). Amanda's been raising and showing dachshunds for years. She's got a houseful of 'em...and one confused malamute who can't figure out why she doesn't fit in the earthdog tunnels like her siblings!