Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clean Corner

Dar went crazy and totally cleaned the shop. My wheel corner isn't clay-coated anymore. Turns out there were actually two wheels under all that dried up clay.

Remember that weird Emerson, Lake & Palmer album cover? ...the three badly drawn in profile?

Turns out that the one farthest away would actually be smaller if the perspective had been drawn correctly...

I'm going to be leaving for Wooster and the Functional Ceramics Workshop at the end of the week. I'll look forward to connecting with some old friends while there. Maybe while there I'll figure out why no potters from Ohio either blog, have websites, or Etsy. It's been a bit of a mystery, given how many potters there are in Ohio.


  1. Gosh, I hope the "no tech" syndrome isn't communicable... the kids and I are trying to move out to Marietta, Ohio to set up a studio.

  2. If you move to Ohio, you probably ought to bring along a kick wheel. I'm beginning to theorize that the reason Buckeye potters aren't on the internet is because there is no electricity in Ohio.

    I could be wrong, but if I were you, I'd play it safe.

    Potters are an inventive lot. Maybe you could figure out some sort of wood-burning modem so you could log on to the internet while you're firing your kiln. Or just send smoke signals.

  3. i remember that album cover and some of what was on it. i seem to recall a particular guitar section that all the beginning guitar players used to play... "in the beginning" or something similar, with synthesizer too. then the other old album they did where they re-did mussorsky's "pictures at an exhibition" ... i wonder how these two hold up nowadays. funny bike story in the next post too. trying to get going on my bike since my plantar fasciitis won't allow me to run anymore.