Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dear Mr. Safety

Dear Mr Safety,

I read on the internet somewhere (and so I’m sure it must be true) that the odds of winning the lottery and getting hit by lightning are about the same.

Last night, on a scratch-off lotto ticket, I won $5.

Should I now be worried about an inevitable subsequent lightning strike?



P.S. Is there such thing as low-voltage lightning that would be, like, the equivalent of my low-dollar winnings? That might not be so bad.

Dear Rod,

Here's a tip that I, Mrs. Safety, and the whole Safety family did around our home:

As everyone knows, lightning never strikes the same place twice. That's just good science.

So what we've done around the Safety house is this: Whenever lightning strikes in our yard, we mark the exact place where it hit. To date, we currently have seven places marked -- seven places in our yard where lightning has previously hit. By marking those seven places, we now have seven places of refuge where we can go, stand, and wait out the rest of the storm, safely assured that lightning has already been there once and cannot return.

Peace of mind? YOU BET!

And just so we can quickly find those places of refuge in any storm, we clearly marked them with 20 foot high flagpoles that we can see from anywhere on our property.

I hope this helps!

Mr. Safety

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