Sunday, April 25, 2010

Observations From The Dude Ranch

I've given this some serious thought over the last few minutes, and I just don't think Cow Birds, as an idea, is going to go over very well.

Sure, they don't take up as much pasture, hardly eat any grain, and as a methane producer -- even en masse -- they hardly add to the global warming problem at all...

Trouble is, milking the suckers is nearly impossible. And even if you can get them to hold still long enough to pull your milking stool up alongside 'em and start filling your pail, it takes darn near the whole flock just to get one gallon of milk.

They just aren't practical.

Don't even get me started on how hard they are going to be for cowbirdboys to lasso and brand. And don't tell me...
"This is a job for SKY KING!"

Whoopee ti yi yo
Git along little birdies
It's yer misfortune
And none of my own

Whoopee ti yi yo
Git along little birdies
You know that Wyomin'
Will be your new home


Some other fundamentally bad ideas:

David Caruso picture frame levelers.

40 Grit silicon carbide drink coasters.

Bead-stringer’s mittens.

Braille pyrometric cones.

Waving good-bye from a helicopter

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