Monday, April 19, 2010

Squares, Weaves, and Ropes.

It's always fun to come up with a new idea. For some time now, I've decorated the rims on my broad, shallow bowls. Usually I do an understated milligrain, "egg and dart", or an even more subtle concentric carved line.

I've been wanting to make some more squared off baking dishes (and some pie plates -- yet to come) and it suddenly dawned on me some ways I could bring subtle but meaningful expression to them.

I started working on these this morning. It's been an exhilaratin' day!

I'm anxious to fire them and see what I've come up with. I should get around to that next week!


  1. These look fantastic! I thought I might pass on this little technique that Ron Philbeck shared in a video on his blog a bunch of months ago. While the pot is still attached to the wheel, take a small board and push the bottom wall into a new shape, oval, square, triangle, whatever. How easy is that! This has totally revolutionized my process. It is so much easier than throwing a bottomless cylinder and having to attach it to a separate base in order to get things out of round. Check out his video if you don't believe how easy it is. Good luck! Have fun!

  2. I like that. Simple, elegant technique that yields great results -- adds some mystery to the finished pot.