Tuesday, May 11, 2010



  1. Wow!
    it's funny, this blogging format, i don't really know anybody, it seems like most people do know each other, but maybe they don't.
    Anyways, i've been watching your work and it looks really great.
    Great PIX!
    -the unknown weirdo in the corner.

  2. Aw, you're not weird. Or at least not any weirder than anyone else who finds blogs an exceedingly clumsy way to communicate.

    I'm not sure who knows who. I've met a few fellow bloggers and I recognize the pots of a few I follow regularly. But I'm with you -- I don't really know anybody.

    That's kinda why I removed my last three posts. Talking to oneself is weird. Trying to make a humorous or creative post gets even weirder without response.

    Embarrassing, even.

  3. I tried to respond, but you had removed them already....
    I wanted to let you know that my wife, who doesn't really care much for handmade pottery, really enjoys your forms and decorating techniques! Keep those blog entries coming, I am learning from the pictures and descriptions!
    By the way... did she use the air hose to make the cylinders open the portal???

  4. Oh man, I pulled the rug out from under you!

    Here, I'll post 'em back up again so you can see what Sylvie did next...

    (and thanks for the kind words!)

  5. I was/am DYING to know what Sylvie did next, but I was too embarrassed to ask. I thought maybe you removed the posts cuz your were going to publish them as a short story! Love your pots!

  6. oh john...no post removing. the beauty of your blog is in its diversity. i'm too tight with mine, too much business, too much worrying about keeping it on task...bullshit.
    with you we never know what's coming..somedays i pass over new posts on my blog list but i always stop for yours.
    we're all weird...god bless the freaks.