Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bein' A Happy Man

Firings have been coming out very well. Lots of color. It makes me anxious for the Oconomowoc art fair this weekend!


  1. Thanks! I'm getting good results firing cooler but longer.

  2. Hi John, I was just reading your post over at Sawdust and Dirt and wanted to let you know that I am a infrequent but regular reader of your blog. I rarely comment here, but I'm pretty sure that I initially did - gushing all over about how great I think your forms and surfaces are !! I don't have alot of internet time, so thats another reason why I don't comment often... I want whatever I put out here to be thoughtful and that, for me, takes time and revision ect so that I don't have any regrets after submitting. I will often mull over what I couldda/shouldda said but didn't have time for, while moving about the rest of my day, away from the computer.
    I also think that there is alot of fluff out there in the comment section of blogs. I would like to see more constructive criticism in the comment section in blog world but photography is probably the worst done by the people who could benefit the most from a good critique. More importantly, critiques are a very specialized type of giving and you have to know if the person is open to the idea and can interpret what you are saying, so, thats probably why there isn't alot of that going on.
    Well, I don't think I have done a decent job of expressing myself - the comments you had on your post on S & D regarding community and communication amongst potters really resonated with me and why I started blogging in the first place. I have thought recently about quitting posting on my blog as well because of the lack of feedback too.
    But, I do enjoy your posts and your quirky sense of humor.

  3. Colleen,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the encouragement. I'm gratified to know that I'm not alone in my assessment of blogs -- that they're a pretty clumsy way to communicate.

    But I'm tickled that you took the time to post comments. I know we're all busy and it's hard to find the time.

    I too have tried to be conscious of leaving more comments to the blogs I visit. I'm guessing we won't get more if we don't feed 'em, eh?

    Meanwhile, let's say we both keep up the blogs for at least a while longer -- see if some more action happens?