Monday, September 6, 2010

Back From Bloomington

My new favorite video....the Re-entrants

Bauman Stoneware/Bloomington/Saturday, Sept 4

What a great show!

I can't believe I never tried this show before. In my own home State. I just never thought about it. Bloomington is an incredibly vital little city. And I've never been in downtown Bloomington before this weekend either.

It's obviously a pottery town too. Every potter I know (and I knew almost every potter there) had a good show this weekend.
Larry Spears even took best of 3D. Never one to hold still and rest on previous work, this summer he's introduced some really creative wall sculpture.

Jeff Unzicker came down from Thorntown with his beautiful, mammoth floor pieces and shared a booth with nearly local Greg Schatz and his tasteful functional work. ...theirs was the first booth at the west end of the show.

The first booth at the east end was
Greg Neal Pottery. Greg has a knack for strong shapes and functional work that just begs to be used. He seemed to be having a great show.

My friend,
Bob Reiberg, was coincidentally celebrating his 40th anniversary with his bride, Sandy, during the show. My other friend from the Indianapolis area, Jim Kemp (who I think might just be the most creative potter in Indiana), was just a couple of booths away from me.

Two other potters of note:
Satian Leksrisawat of Louisville had his beautiful crystaline glazed porcelain pieces, and Lynn Fisher had her nature-themed pots.

Lots of pottery shop talk happened between sales! It was a great weekend.

I got in late, late last night. Still, I put in a respectable day trying to catch up and get ready for the next few shows. Etsy is still going strong! Dar spent the day packing the weekend's orders. I'm a bit too tired to write much. Sorry for the listing nature of this post, but maybe you can have some fun surfing through the links of the potters I mentioned. I'll catch up on news with tomorrow's post.

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  1. Great post! Sounds like we missed a fun weekend. Hard to believe you'd never done this gem of a show. Bloomington is the BEST place to live in Indiana!! Of course I may be prejudice!