Thursday, November 11, 2010

Been A While

I need to get caught up here. October was an incredibly hectic month. I fought (and won so far) to keep a junkyard from moving in next door to me. I got ready for a show sooner after my big St James Court gig than I ever had before, and did a GREAT show in North Carolina this past weekend.

All that stuff will require some keypad time. Meanwhile, I will post the following observations....


1. Both flocculation and thixotropy can make clay and glazes either easier or more difficult to work with. It depends on the project, the process, and where you are in it.

2. Just because a dog knows where a mole lives doesn't mean that he can dig that mole up.

3. Banjo rolls don't sound the same on a guitar because or unless what are the bass strings on a guitar are replaced with treble strings and tuned higher.

4. Banjo rolls taste terrible


  1. Number 2 gave me a good laugh. I have Sibes. I'd say similar behaviors.

  2. Enjoyed meeting you in Dillsboro. It seemed like most people did well even with the cold weather.

  3. oh lord...that glaze looks rough. congrats (potentially) on deterring the junk yard. on our road (2 miles from glacier national park)...we fought a gravel pit (and lost). i'm crazy sensitive to my environs...especially noise in the middle of the forest. sigh. land use and zoning issues are tough everywhere.
    i'm happy that you are doing well...good luck with holiday season production and sales.