Sunday, January 30, 2011


As I was uploading video demonstrations, I fell into the labyrinth of endless rabbit holes that is youtube connectivity. I came across this interesting little video...

Like, totally free and stuff. Just add compressed air. No fuel. Just car+air=GO, man! For two hundred miles at a time!

At a time?

Yeah, at a time.

Then what?

Compress more free air. Just, you know,
compress it. It's all around us. Just, you know, compress it. It's free, after all.

So it's totally free, but you just have to stop every 200 miles and, what? ...let it catch its breath?


...wait. I think I just got an idea....

Well, I know you may be skeptical. So, as your intrepid on-the-scene repotter, I took it upon myself to investigate. I was able to contact the CEO of the fledgling company. He graciously allowed me this interview....

ME: Thanks so much for allowing me this interview.

CEO: I'm always happy to talk about our break-through new car.

ME: I think the advantages of a car that requires no fuel is obv....

CEO: Not "no fuel" does require air. But, of course, air is nearly limitless on Earth and, best of all, it is free. For now.

ME: Okay. So it runs on a free, limitless fuel. Have there been any notable drawbacks?

CEO: Well, the exhaust is perfectly clean -- even breathable. But it blats out the back end of the car with a Thhhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttttt! sound and the car just sort of flies willy-nilly down the highway. We tried throttling down the exhaust to quiet it just a bit -- try to get the car under control. We got better air mileage, but what we also got was an annoying high-pitched whining sound until all the air was gone. So we're still working on that.

ME: Any other problems?

CEO: Well, parking garages are a problem. If the car develops any static in its outer body, it wants to stick to the ceilings of parking garages. It's hard to get them down from the ceiling.

ME: Sounds like some real issues.

CEO: Well, the American auto industry has had 100 years of development to come up with its product. Give us a few more months and I think we'll prove that we're not just full of hot air.

ME: Can we see some of your models? I assume you have operational prototypes?

CEO: Certainly! I'm proud to show them off! First, let me introduce you to our chief engineer and designer, Bob.

Here are some of Bob's first design blueprints...


  1. funny post john, they actually lost me in the video when they used the word ironic instead of coincidentally. i was trying to hang with them and then they mentioned that eventually it would be a perpetual motion car. thanks for all the research though

  2. I felt I owed the world all that research. I believe in balloons and I believe in cars. I believe I can take balloons around in my car. I'm not sure I can use balloons to power my car. Maybe, though. People used to laugh at the guy who invented that plane with the wings that flapped. Okay, that was kinda funny. And it didn't fly. Maybe that wasn't such a good comparison.