Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Day In The Life

Up in the morning
Just about four
I pour me some coffee
And I'm out the door
Life is never a bore
See, I'm a potter

Loadin' the kiln
With my dog, Breeze
Well, I should say "I load"
He does what he please
I light the burners so's I don't freeze
See, I'm a potter

Got two kilns loaded...
some in the old kiln

Some in the new

...and an idea borrowed for playing the blues...


  1. So many of us can relate to this John. Love the ceramic tubes for slide sure to give a report on how your friends think they work.

  2. now I am invested- be careful with those slides.
    Enjoyed the poem- can you put that in a tune?
    Fingers and eys crossed for a good firing.

  3. this could make a good rap...just start it with:
    "yo, yo, yo" and take the r's off (foe, get the picture). Could be big money in potter rap....just sayin'