Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Carter, I agree with you. I didn't so much mean to be minimizing the importance of making pottery with my "humility" comment so much as I was groping to find a contrast to that urge we sometimes feel to suppose that what we've made at any one time is so important -- so perfect -- that we need not move on.

We tend to learn that lesson pretty early on as we look back on our first pots from the vantage point of a few years advancement in the craft. Time passing helps us see our once precious work from a new perspective, and suddenly we realize that those pieces we poured our beginner selves into aren't what we thought they were.

But curiously, I think we tend to forget it again when the pieces we make really do start to meet our expectations AND stand the scrutiny of time.

I am big on the little things. But I didn't say that very clearly. I tend to ramble. Heh. And I really like your post. Wonderful.

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  1. That makes total sense. I agree completely. Hey, and thanks for reading my post! I'm glad you liked it!