Thursday, April 28, 2011

How The Week Began

There's always a bit of risk when I add this much slip to a pot with thin walls...


  1. A-MAZ-ING! and Lovely work!
    and UT-oh!

  2. Just go ahead and fire the last one too. Ceramics Monthly will probably put you on the cover.

  3. Thanks, Meredith!

    Dennis, you are on to something. All it needs is about 3 paragraphs of BS to "explain" it.

    True story: My friend, Gary, had tried year after year to get accepted into an exhibition/competition in nearby Fort Wayne. It was pretty much a State-wide event and usually juried by either an academic or some invited gallery person from Chicago.

    Anyway, year after year Gary entered and year after year his pots were rejected. Then, one year, right before the exhibition, Gary was testing a very fluid copper red. Some of the glaze dripped all the way off the pot, off the shelf, and onto a brick that made up the bag wall. On a whim, Gary took the brick with the drip of red glaze with him. His pots were again rejected. The brick was accepted.