Wednesday, July 27, 2011


ANN: Oh my gosh, who IS the new guy?!

ALICE: New guy?

ANN: Yeah, who is that GREAT looking new guy over there by the coffee machine?

ALICE: You mean the guy holding that cool green mug?

ANN: Yeah, him. Who IS that guy?

ALICE: Why, he's not new. That's Bob.

ANN: Bob? Are you kidding me? THE Bob? ‘Bob’ the perennially-overlooked-for-advancement? Shows-up-at-the-company-picnic-alone Bob? THAT Bob? Are you kidding me?

ALICE: Yeah, that’s him. Amazing the difference a simple new mug can make.

ANN: Has he always had such white teeth? ….and his hair looks so shiny and manageable! Has he always been such a smart dresser?

ALICE: I couldn’t really tell you. Nobody ever noticed until he got that mug.

ANN: I’m asking him to the NEXT company picnic.

ABBEY: Get in line, sister. I noticed him first!

Bob’s cool new stoneware mug holds 14 ounces of coffee, tea, or whatever else Bob is drinking at the time. It’s not just got that cool leaf-stamp hand-brushed wax resist pattern on the outside, it sports an even darker oribe green glaze on the inside.

Don’t be uncool forever. Be like Bob. Stand out in a crowd for once in your life. Own the cool mug.