Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Idea For Bauman Stoneware

It's hard to believe that something as opaque as porcelain can actually be translucent. But if thrown delicately it can be, and this luminary proves it . Such was the inspiration for this small lamp/lantern/luminary.

This is the very first one I've made -- I opened the kiln just a few short hours ago and to my delight, this charmer sat there on one of the back kiln shelves looking perfect. I took the still warm piece (anxious as I was to try out my idea and see if I'd been successful) and I clipped the small electric bulb (included with the luminary) into the bottom and plugged it in.


It glows warmly from within, highlighting the finest of details in the stamped woodland pattern on the outside. The ceiling illuminator that is pierced right through the lid adds even more charm and light.

When the piece is not illuminated, it is an elegant amber celadon jar with a gracefully trimmed foot.


  1. That's a really beautiful lantern, perfect for Thanksgiving!!!!!

  2. Outstanding! Wish I could get that thin!

  3. WOWEE! That's a beauty for sure. The glow is a wonderful surprise!

  4. Hands down a real winner!
    I love pottery lamps and this one is a beauty.

  5. Very well done. Seems like it would be nice with a candle in it also