Monday, May 21, 2012

Back From The Road

I just completed my second successful (good) art fair in a row. I spent the last two days up at the East Lansing Art Festival where the weather was near perfect, the crowd engaging, the sales good, and the music most excellent.

 I somewhat abashedly admit that I've done East Lansing Art Fair in past years, not because I sold particularly well, but solely on the basis of the music line-up they manage to book on their main stage each year. 

In the past I've seen: 

The Duhks 
Tom Paxton (accompanied by Joel Mabus) 
Peter Ostrusko and Dean Magraw 
Robin & Linda Williams 
Eddie From Ohio 
Steppin' In It 

Really, over the past 20 years of doing the show off and on, there are too many great acts to name. 

 But it was an unexpected treat to open up the printed program as I was setting up, only to find the main act for Saturday was a real guitar hero -- Mary Flower. 

She played a really fine one hour set. Then, because she closed down the show on Saturday and happened to hang around a while, as I left the show I dropped by back stage and asked if she'd sign my Yamaha (the guitar that named itself "YA AHA" when I noticed that it had removed the "M" from its own headstock).

I also got the chance to catch up a bit with my old pottery friend, Tony Winchester. (picture below).

All in all, a fine weekend.  I arrived home at 10:30 PM last night to Breeze who was so excited to see me that he fairly shivered with joy.  That's love.

You might check my now updated show schedule in the left hand column of this blog (or on my website)


  1. glad to hear you had a good show

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm planning on playing like that just give me a couple of hundred years to work it out.

  3. One thing about playing like that, Dennis, is you gotta know how.