Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dame's Rocket

 The trails where I run with the dogs are in full bloom.  The purple-to-white flower is called "Dame's Rocket" and it covers (I'm guessing) about 20% of the forest floor.  It smells as heavenly as it looks on my morning runs these days.

Breeze has kept up his job as pottery shop manager.  We're expecting a new shipment of clay today (going back to Miller 850 after losing too many pieces with the current clay), so Breeze is busy moving the old batch to the side to make room on the pallet for the new.

I took some pictures as I worked my way through a series of teapots earlier this month. Here they are as I began the decorating cycle...


  1. Thanks for sharing your techniques...the results are lovely as always. Glad to see you here again!

  2. We've missed you- but good to know that you've been busy. The Manager is doing his job well and looking good.

  3. Good Manager.

    I love acorns. And that pile of clay ones is killing me.

  4. I miss you in Madison Wisconsin art fair, and thank you for you sharing. I love your pottery and I love every pieces that I purchases from you.