Sunday, March 27, 2016

Iris Bulbs

I live in a 150 year-old house. I've lived here for 25 of those 150 years, but the hundreds and hundreds of irises in my yard have lived here a whole lot longer than I. They were here when I moved in. And those iris are the focal point of my early Summer landscape. I'm anxiously awaiting this year's blooms. At this early point in the year the bulbs have just now sent their first shoots up above the dark brown Spring dirt.

When I pulled this 16 ounce mug out of the kiln -- hot as it was -- my mind immediately went to that patch of iris. The mug is an iris bulb containing the hope of the purple bloom bursting from the golden brown earth.

I threw and carved this large, 16 ounce mug from fine English porcelain -- fired high so it's microwavable and will last a lifetime. The handle, being pulled by hand, has a comfortable feel, and balances well.

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