Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oak & Acorn

"Your leaf and acorn pottery is SO 'Autumn' ", she said.

"But oak leaves and acorns come on in the Spring just like every other greening thing", I replied.

"Maybe so, but your colors are always so....Autumnal." She returned.

Okay. Maybe so. Maybe I've got a "thing" for Autumn. Guilty as charged.

But no more. Here are those leaves and acorns in their Spring and Summer glory -- before the leaves have gone red and the acorns come drumming at your rooftop.

I threw this large, 16 ounce mug from fine English porcelain. While the clay was yet soft, I deeply impressed some of my bisque porcelain stamps to decorate the front and back of the mug. I then high-fired the piece with celadon glazes (colored with stain) to create a microwavable cup that should last a lifetime.

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