Sunday, March 27, 2016

Over The Waterfall

"Over The Waterfall" is one of the first songs fiddlers and mandolin players learn. It's a simple yet wonderful tune that yields a high return on investment in practice time. That is, it's simple to learn, but sounds surprisingly complex. It's often the first really "showy" tune a youngster can play, but it's also a jam favorite.

Well, here's my "Over The Waterfall" mug. Simple concept, but yields an incredibly high return when you use it. You can use it every day -- enjoy your morning coffee and your evening tea -- and yet never reach the end of its visual mystery. You'll see something new in the surface each day.
The obvious blue waterfall cascades over the not-so-obvious matte blue (so dark it looks black) base glaze.

I threw this large, 16 ounce mug from fine English porcelain. It is high-fired to last a lifetime (and then some).

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