Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tall Tales We Tell Ourselves

“Every lie you ever tell will be found out”, he said. “Every last one of them. You may be in control of your life, but not of your biography. And that’s true whether you write it yourself or not. In fact, your lies will leak out of your words faster if you write them yourself. Another might grant you the grace of continuing one of your deceptions. Maybe even most of them. But don’t fool yourself. They’ll be figured out.

So here’s an idea. Lie for others, not yourself. Advance their goodness even when you’re sure it’s not there. Be more mindful of your shared humanity than your rectitude. It’s not naïveté. It’s grace.”


  1. I am worn to a nub right now. The lies are heavy, weighted, meant to bring us all to disparate decisions.
    I am trying to know my path and keep on it, not in the middle, not to one side, but straight and steady