Friday, May 5, 2017

Some pots from recent firings

 I really like these mugs.  Good thing, too.  Half of them (so far) have stuck to the shelf and became mine.
 Something I learned last year.  A simple Kemper tool DOESN'T carve so deep as to go through the wall.  But almost.
 I have another dozen of these lined up ready to fire.
 This glaze went orange as ever last firing.  Lots of crystals.
 I love the optical effect and the opulent glaze.
 A little Shankin treatment -- fake ash over matte glaze.
 I'm so glad to have my green glaze back.  The depth it creates with carving is unparalleled. 
 The last of the 182G around the shop.  Next load will be B-Mix and crossed fingers.
 Still love these when they come out like this one.
 I've got 10 more of these begging me to fire 'em.
 Baby got back.


  1. Looking great - sorry about the cups. Your brown glaze does have a tendency to run when hot.

  2. Do you have the green striped pitcher above? Price? Rosemary Allen