Monday, May 29, 2017

We Are Family

I set to the task of filling out another art fair application that asks for a couple of sentences about my work. We art fair potters have to come up with these condensed artist statements.  I dread writing them.  But yesterday I came up with this.  I kinda like it:

I'm part of that family of American potters raised on craftsmanship, detail, design, and function.

I pursue my part in that family endeavor by working in high-fired stoneware and porcelain, and utilizing and modifying glazes passed along by cousins of potters since the 1960s.

My hope is that nobody will end up owning one of my pieces without thinking that I put more of my life into that piece than the price they paid for it.


  1. Well said! Forever grateful of the kinship and pretty much in awe of some of the things you do with pots. I'm always rooting for you :)

    1. Thanks, Carter. I've felt and appreciated the support.