Sunday, June 4, 2017

60 Minute Man


SP: So, Mr Bauman, there are reports that you're planning on attending the Minnesota Pottery Festival in Hutchinson, Minnesota?

JB: Scott, absolutely.  Can't wait for July.  It should be a blast.  Oh, and please call me "John".

SP: Well, John,  how is it you came to be part of that pottery festival?

JB: They begged me.

SP: Begged you?  To be part of their festival?

JB: Well, yeah.  Sort of.  They said I could send them some images of my work and if they couldn't find any other potters who they liked better, they would consider extending me an invitation..

SP: Really?  So you were invited? 

JB: Don't sound so surprised.  I mean...I'm a well-respected, well-liked potter.  

Okay, well-respected, anyway.  

Okay, I'm a potter. 

SP: So, tell me about this festival.  I assume there will be other potters?

JB: Lots of other potters.  From all over the country.  Many different styles of pottery -- low-fire, wood-fired, reduction-fired, electric fired, hand-built, wheel-thrown ... really, the whole gamut of pottery will be represented and represented well.

Additionally, they'll have what they're calling a "Clay Olympics".  It's where all these potters will have a chance to showcase the skills that got them where they are today -- which is, at the level of being asked to exhibit at the Minnesota Pottery Festival.

SP: Tell me about these "Olympics".

JB: The events will be things like tallest cylinder, widest bowl, longest pulled handle.  Things like that.  The pièce de résistance will be the blindfolded throwing challenge wherein the potters will attempt the tallest pot while throwing blindfold.

SP: So, what are your chances of winning anything at these Olympics?

JB. I've been working out.  Running 4 miles a day.  Lifting weights.  Studying the masters.  Meditating.  Drinking beer. 


SP: Well, good luck at the festival. 

JB: Thanks.


  1. Oh shit and I was there last year. Dang I would have liked to hang with ya John. I had a great time minus the tornado. That said sell up a storm. T

  2. Now, this is funny, no fun, yep keep working out, you'll need to get up to 5 miles and a beer per 20 minutes to keep up. And be sure to polish up the ego.