Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Out On A Limb

This is a very old but good article. 

Hey, Kid: Thoughts For Young Oddballs 

I might only add...

If you think you're really onto something special but the feedback you get is lukewarm at best (or even negative)...

with one ear listen well to the critics (the feedback might be good). But keep in mind that maybe the fact that you haven't yet fully realized the concept yourself, you may not be presenting it well enough for others to "get". You may have presented it too early. You may not have fleshed it out well enough for communication.

You also might not have presented your idea to YOUR audience. Family and casual acquaintances are relationships of fate, not selected as your likely audience by virtue of similar tastes and values.
Also, the people who think they know you  may or may not. People pigeonhole you. They need to. And nobody really fits in the pigeonhole imagined by others. Haven't you ever presented something to others, only to have a look of shock register in their eyes? 

"...you mean you created that?!" May be the most accurate feedback you're ever going to get. You just exceeded expectations

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