Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Low Bridge -- Everybody Down

I pulled it old right from the kiln.
So hot I could barely hold it 

But it told a tale of ancient places it had been.

Of 16th century years, of tavern beers
Held in rounded shapes, peasants draped in capes
Landscapes of Renaissance paintings. 

Glazed like later years rolled ‘round and Albany brown
Dug straight from the ground the sound
Of barges down the Erie Canal

Low bridge!  Everybody down!
This mug, brand new
But with a soul so old
It couldn’t have come from my hand.

Maybe it came from my dreams.


  1. when we make a pot and the new shape just comes naturally...must've come from our dreaming

  2. If only I was drinking my morning coffee from that mug while reading your poetic words and ooogling over these delicious wares!

  3. An ancient proverb says aim high between low bridges!

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