Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pottery Graveyard


  1. Thanks. I wish they weren't there (I wish they hadn't died in the kiln). But since they didn't survive the firing, at least I get to enjoy them whenever I'm out in the yard.

  2. Love the big green one in the top photo. It reminds me of a barell cactus. I have a few of Jim Kemps cast offs in my garden.
    From dust to dust.....


  3. My favorite brother (don't tell the other brothers) gives me Bauman Pottery each Holiday Season. I am so fortunate to own several pieces and each one has its own beauty and even a personalty. I am always excited when my brother gives me a box and says, "Now be careful opening that". Sometimes I am afraid to use a piece, but I give in and use them and if I break something, I not only know that I have enjoyed the piece, but I can call John and say, "Hey John, I have to have another one of those".

    Thank you, John. You do beautiful work. Please don't stop doing what you do!!

    Juanita Banks

  4. Thanks for the wonderful compliment, Jaunita! I just spent all day Monday with your brother -- playing guitars 'til our fingers nearly bled. He's the best kind of friend a guy could ask for.


  5. How would one know it's an original piece? Is there a picture of your makers mark?