Monday, October 12, 2009

Using cat-like wit and wilyness -- and throwing all seventeen pounds of his cat-muscle into the effort (but certainly no dogged determination), Crush has single-caspawedly sold more than a dozen Cat O'Lanterns.

But Crush's sales success has led to him getting a big head. Moose tells me Crush is getting hard to live with. So, in the interest of equal time and restoring ego-balance around the house, here's Crush's twin brother Moose...

Moose is ever-so-slightly smaller than Crush. Together this pair of bruiser brothers could tag-team wrestle a pair of hundred pound Rottweilers to a draw....that is, if the cats were so inclined, which they're not because they are more into lounging and peace and stuff.

Anyway, the Cat O'Lantern that Moose is uncooperatively posing on, beside, over, and behind, is thrown of high-fired stoneware on my wheel . The stem is clay I've pulled into a handle and finished with a twist. It comes with a candelabra socket that can be plugged into the bottom.

When I pack this for shipping, it fits into an 8X8X10" box (the 10" being the height) fairly snuggly. That gives you an idea of the size. Because Moose, being huge, does not.You may notice that this Cat O'Lantern has a bit of a sardine-ic crooked grin. I appreciate the animation. Moose didn't seem to notice.

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  1. John,
    These are way too fun! Great photo! Cats are great sales 'people'.
    Need any TattooDream cat scratchers ???