Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Kingdom For A Telephoto Lens

There's a pair of Orioles nesting along the greenway near our house. Orioles aren't the rarest bird in Indiana, but it can be a very long time between sightings. 

They're not like scarlet tanagers or indigo buntings --- birds you may never see, but they play hard to get when they flirt.  And that's enough to make a sighting a real prize. That, and they're just strikingly beautiful. Winsome singers, too.

 I just rode my bike the half-mile to the tree I saw them in last Thursday and, sure enough, there they were. But as is their way, they stayed WAY up high in the tree. My telephoto isn't up to the task, but I took a few shots anyway. In three of the shots I can't even find the birds. The fourth is the one I've cropped to show you here.

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