Saturday, July 25, 2009

Refreshing Etsy

Ann Arbor was just great last week. It was four busy days of meeting art fair regulars, artist friends, and selling lots of pots. But in getting ready for it, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I decided to clear off most of my etsy page to give me more to sell at the show (worked too! Ann Arbor I sold everything that had been on my etsy page), and give me the chance and the incentive to upload some new pieces to the etsy page.

With the 16 inch bowl pictured above, I started the upload this morning. Tomorrow I'll add this pitcher...

By the middle of August, I should have the etsy page with a respectable number of pieces.


  1. beautiful bowl and 16"... that's beyond my size so far although i'd like to get there (more surface to decorate). i love the swirly line that goes between the leaves... would like to watch you make that line.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    I'm soon getting a new Canon G10. When I do, I'll take some video of how I put that line in.