Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Say Tomato and I Say Tomato

Day three of...

bark BARK bark bark BARK BARK BARK bark


bark bark BARK BARK bark BARK bark bark BARK BARK

Still dog-sitting Rawley the Brittany Spaniel.

Dar's off to agility training with our dogs, so I just got done running Rawley alone. I did four miles. Rawley did at least five.

When I run with Breeze, Breeze is all business. He cuts the corner out of every angle. You could lay a straight edge on his tracks on the straights and find that his footing doesn't veer an inch to the right or left. On a city street Breeze will often track ON the white side line.

Not Rawley.

We just ran the greenway -- a two mile long strip of 8'-10' wide pavement that snakes through the nearby parks. The entire four miles (out and back) Rawley ran an "S" path from one side to the other and back again.


  1. ohh how i long for dogs that stay near me on a w-a-l-k.(it must be spelled or mayhem is imminent). we walk off leash mostly and live in the boonies so OFF they go into the wild blue yonder..owen barking like crazy as he chases maddie through the woods. simultaneously beautiful and highly annoying.

  2. Yesterday's blog was laugh out loud funny. If only I spoke the dog's language, perhaps they are just as witty...

  3. Heidi,

    It sure would be nice to have dogs that stayed around on the w-a-l-k (and I understand the need to spell!). We use the 16' flexi leashes. The dogs love to tangle them.


    The dogs said to tell you that they are VERY witty.