Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Bookcase

It occurred to me that I've got a way of illustrating several of the potters I've talked about recently in my posts about Indiana shows and my posts about my trip to North Carolina. In the bookcase above I have some pieces of several of the potters mentioned.

From the top left and working down left to right...

Top Shelf:

John Peterson -- squared-off large bowl/oribe glaze

Cary Hulin -- two gallon jug/celadon glazed, wood fired

Bob Reiberg -- raku vase (coincidentally, the one shown on the cover of Craft America)

Jo Severson -- small vase/Reitz green/black glaze (Jo's is right in front of one of my porcelain pitchers)

Second from the top shelf:

Jim Kemp -- platter/earthenware with velvets glaze

Larry Spears -- covered jar/copper red glaze

Tim Mather -- plate/copper red glaze

Third from the top shelf:

Antique Spode teapot

Ellen Shankin -- squared baking/serving dish/iron red glaze

Fourth from the top shelf:

Gail Russell -- Large porcelain platter with copper red glaze

Gail Russell -- small "yo-yo" jar with copper red glaze

Stephen Hill -- two quart stoneware pitcher with "Laura's Turquoise" glaze

Richard Aerni -- bowl with ash glaze

Dave Marshall -- small vase, low fire, fake ash turquoise glaze

Adam Spector -- large pitcher

One of my bowls is behind Adam's pitcher

Fifth from the bottom shelf:

Richard Aerni -- ash glazed bowl

Brian Beam -- footed oval small bowl

Two Mata Ortiz miniatures (under the miniature Windsor chair)

Jerry Krider -- wooden kiln puzzle (Jerry made these for all his Hoosier potter friends. Jerry makes his living with wood, but is also a potter)

Brian Beam -- another small oval bowl

Mark Nafziger -- large stoneware bowl/iron slip trailing under rutile blue glaze

Here's a closer view of Jerry's wooden kiln puzzle...

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