Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting Stuff Done

Dealing with bad clay has made me timid about making my larger pieces so far this year. I think I've finally got the clay issue ironed out, so I'm leaping (with a bit of faith and my fingers crossed) into some bigger pieces.

The image above is the pre-expanded stage of what I've expanded a little in the next image. Tomorrow I'll finish pushing it.

On the table with the larger piece are a few of the larger bowls I threw this morning. In the distance (on the ware cart beside the wheel) are 14 teapots I just finished.


  1. It is great weather for throwing and assembling big pots! Rain and humidity till Sunday and nothing will dry fast. I turned off the studio furnace two weeks ago.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. First night in a long time I didn't have to drag out the plastic to cover everything 'til morning.

  3. Here in Virginia we are already into summer heat with everything drying too fast.

  4. okay- so now I am off to the studio to check pots.
    I thought I would just leave them uncovered and now I have to go look-buggers!