Tuesday, May 23, 2017

All In A Day's Work

Early this afternoon, Breeze and I were out walking in a beautiful, relatively up-scale neighborhood in town.  As we strolled and sniffed (me mostly strolling and Breeze mostly sniffing) we happened upon a fellow out cutting his lush, deeply green lawn on a riding mower.

Then I realized what I was actually witnessing.  Instead of cutting his lawn in straight rows from street to house and back again (or from side to side…or, even still, on a diagonal), he was cutting the lawn in ever diminishing sloppy rectangles, turning indistinct 90 degree turns at the corners.

Well, I did what any thoughtful person would do.  I broke into a full run toward the man and his mower and executed a perfect tackle – unseating the man and knocking him to the ground.  There I held him in a headlock as I screamed at him, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MAN?!  THINK!!”

Breeze joined in and chomped him a couple good ones in the pants.

To his credit, when I finally let him up he said, “Sorry.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Thanks.”

As Breeze and I walked away we saw him brush himself off and get back on the mower.  We lingered just long enough to watch him cut straight across the lawn. And on our return back past the place, we saw it had been finished up correctly – nice straight lines.

People, you can’t change the world all at once.  Just one soul at a time.  That’s how it’s done.

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