Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mr Roboto

I'm too puzzled to say much. There's a good explanation. I know there is.

Sure, it feels like finding out that Andrew Wyeth is taking painting lessons from Thomas Kinkade. It's not that. No, it's really not.

It's more like hearing John Henry endorsing a steam drill.

When John Henry was a little baby
Sittin' on his pappy's knee
His pappy picked him up and set him back down
In front of the ol' Tee Vee, lord, lord
In front of the ol' Tee Vee

Oh well, we all know where man leaves off and machine begins, right? Right? We DO know, don't we?


  1. behold the future:


  2. Thanks, Brandon. It took me a while to determine whether I was watching a parody or not. Thankfully, I concluded that it was, indeed, a parody.

    It was a parody, right?

    Uh oh. We potters are, like, totally doomed and stuff.

    Meet George Jetson.
    His Boy Elroy.
    Daughter Judy.
    Jane his wife.

    Here's George's potter
    He uses a ram press
    But Judy's equipped
    With a home dish maker